Le temple de la déesse Déméter

Le marbre le plus fin et une histoire sans fin vous attendent

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The temple of Demeter - the finest marble and delicate art

The Temple of Demeter is located in Sangri Naxos and was build for the goddess Demeter, ancient goddess of grain. As patron of the precious harvest, these temples were oftentimes erected near fertile areas, as the one in Sangri. Some excavations in the area certify that the area was used for a religious purpose since the late Mycenaean Era. The temple was built in around 530 B.C in the classical architectural style. With the domination of Christianity, the temple of Demeter was turned into a Christian religious center and a small chapel was built in the center of the temple. The church was probably ruined in the 6th century A.D., after an invasion of the Arabs. It was rebuilt in 1977 in a southern location.

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The remains of the ancient temple of Demeter were discovered by the archaeologist Nikolaos Kontoleon in 1949.

In the middle 1990s, a group of German archaeologists restored the temple to its ancient glory, although many pieces of the precious marble have been stolen.

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